Our Curriculum


​There are two phases that occur during high school years, Junior and Senior secondary. The Junior secondary phase includes years 7, 8 and 9. The Senior secondary phase begins at year 10.

Junior Secondary

The Dalby State High School Junior secondary curriculum provides students with a comprehensive and connected program of study based on the Australian Curriculum and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority guidelines. The program is rich and stimulating, yet accessible for all students. We are committed to providing the best educational outcomes for all students essential for life in the twenty-first century.

Our Junior secondary curriculum enables students to experience a smooth transition from primary school to senior secondary and beyond. Our curriculum, while challenging, lays solid foundations in the skills that students need, no matter what career path they may choose.

These key features are reflected in the school's junior secondary philosophy which is based upon;

The provision of a successful transition from primary school

Strong skills in literacy and numeracy

Health and wellbeing of the individual student​

Foundations of life-long learning skills and

Preparation for Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary

Year 10 begins the senior phase of learning. It is expected that students will take a "more specialised" approach to their subject selection, since they have had the opportunity to cover a wide range of key learning areas during Years 8 and 9. The year 10 curriculum is designed to proved a meaningful and structured transition to year 11 and 12.

From year 11, full-time students will select six subjects of study from Authority or Authority-registered subjects, vocational certificates or other school options. Considerable flexibility exists for students to be involved with structured workplace learning and school based apprenticeships which allow students to complete their secondary education while completing nationally recognised credentials which assist with employment after completing school.

Some subjects are offered through the Brisbane School of Distance Education and others are offered in Virtual Schooling mode. The independent learning centre will continue to operate to allow students to tailor their senior subject selections to meet their own individual and unique requirements. Part-time programmes may also be considered after consultation with the Principal. To ensure that all students achieve a Queensland Certificate of Education by the completion of Year 12, considerable care and effort is taken with the selection and alteration to student learning plans.

Discussions with the Guidance Officer are an essential part of the selection process. Parents may make appointments with the Guidance Officer with their student or alone, by contacting the school administration office at either campus.

Last reviewed 25 May 2020
Last updated 25 May 2020